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Generali information

I use of the cookie in this site
One inquires that to the aim to improve the usabilità of this site, they could be applied cookies technical on the terminal of the customer in order to allow a visualization of the contents of the site in the more apt way with the requirements of the customer. In any case, anytime it is possible to disabilitare cookies from the computer modifying the formulations of present Safety and Privacy on the browser.


What is a cookie?

The cookie is strings of text of small dimensions that the sites visited from the customer usually send to its terminal (to the browser), where they are memorized for being then rebroadcast to the same sites to the successive visit of the same customer.
In the course of navigation on a site? customer can receive on its terminal also cookie that is sent by various sites or web server (c.d third parts), on which some elements (which, for example, images, maps, sound, specific can reside link to pages of other dominions) anticipate on the site that the same one is visiting.
The cookie, usually you anticipate in the browsers of the customers in number much high one and sometimes also with characteristics of wide temporal persistence, purposes are used for different: execution of computer science authentications, monitoring of sessions, memorization of information on specific regarding configurations the customers who approach the server, in general terms in order to improve the navigation experience.
Based on the function and to the purpose of I use, the cookie can subdivide in four categories, cookie technical: of session, analytical, of functionality and cookie of profilazione.


The session cookie technical
They afford to move inside a situated web and to use of the functions. In absence of this cookie, the demanded services cannot be supplied. Of the memorization of the actions is an example (text eg. introduced) in order to return in the pages precedence inside a same session.

The cookie technical analytical
They collect information on the use of a situated web from the visitors, for example the pages mainly visited and the eventual visualization of messages of error of the site. This cookie does not collect information that can carry to a profilazione of the visitors. All the information obtained are aggregated (therefore anonymous) and only used in order to improve the operation of the site.

The functionality cookie technical
They afford to the site to remember the choices of the customer (like its name, its language and the geographic region in which it is found) and to more supply personalized advanced functions and. For example, a situated web can be able to supply fiscal information to local level using a cookie in order to memorize the province in which the customer in that moment finds itself. Functionality the cookie can be used also in order to supply determined services demanded from the customer, like the reproduction of a video. Can the information collections from this cookie be been profitable anonymous and they don't hold trace of the navigation activities dell? customer on other sites web.

The profilazione cookie
They are used in order to more supply advertising contents aimed at? customer and to its interests. They afford also to limit the number of apparitions of a publicity and to determine at the same time? effectiveness of an advertising campaign. They eg. remember if a customer has visited or less a situated web, sharing this information with other organizations (advertizers). Targeting or advertising the cookie often is connected to functions of the site supplied by other organizations.

Like managing or disabilitare the cookie
he relative formulations to the cookies can be defined in specific way for the various sites and applications web. The majority of the browsers affords to cancel, to disabilitare and to choose which cookie can be introduced on your computer. If you want put up information on the control cookie, to visit the following sites web:

In order to learn as to manage the cookie on your relative browser below we propose you the link here:

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